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Bet responsibly at 888Starz Somalia!

As part of its commitment to ethical gaming, 888Starz Somalia advises all of its clients that betting and gambling in general is only a type of enjoyment. People who view them as a source of income, even an additional one, run the danger of losing significant sums of money and developing a gambling addiction.Therefore, 888Starz advises to adopt the proper attitude toward gambling first; otherwise, the effects of this pastime may be seriously harmful to you.

888Starz Protection of Bettors

Our company’s main goal is to make sure that betting and gambling are as secure and transparent as possible. A lot of thought is given to technical safeguards against user fraud. There are various limitations and guidelines in place on the official 888Starz Somalia website:

  • Sports betting is only available to users who are at least 18 years old

Do not attempt to use a bogus date of birth if you are under the age of 18. If the player provides false information about themselves, their account could be suspended. 

  • Each player is only permitted to have one registered account

Re-registration will invariably result in the freezing of all funds in the accounts and the blocking of all accounts;

  • Regular manual account checks are performed by the security service, and automatic algorithms are used to examine financial transactions. 
  • The website also offers the option for verification, or the confirmation of identification.

All of this helps to uphold fair play and fosters a secure atmosphere for betting, even in terms of any potential negative effects of dishonesty.

Gambling Addiction Warning

We want to warn all bettors and gamblers that gambling addiction is a serious mental condition that can have a negative impact on your relationships with family, friends, and your personal and family finances. Everyone is somewhat susceptible to developing a gambling addiction. You can determine your level of susceptibility to addiction and whether you currently struggle with it based on the answers to these questions.

  • Has your love of gambling developed into something more than just a pastime?
  • When you are unable to place a long-term sports bet, do you experience annoyance, rage, and irritation?
  • Do you frequently bet for longer than you intended to?
  • Do you tend to bet more money than you can comfortably afford? 
  • Do you borrow money to place bets?
  • Has your betting habit harmed your relationships with friends and family?

Advice for Combating Gambling Addiction

Ludomania is indeed a severe mental disease. This addiction affects numerous individuals worldwide, all of whom are exposed to it in some way. Following a few guidelines is required to reduce the dangers of gambling addiction:

  • Spend only the money on bets whose loss won’t impair your quality of life;
  • Don’t borrow cash or other assets to place a bet;
  • The maximum amount of time you intend to spend betting should be decided in advance. Also, establish a spending cap; 
  • Avoid raising the bet to make up for prior losses brought on by a successful forecast.

Stop betting  right away if you feel that it begins to affect your choices. If you start to lose control, get in touch with the 888Starz support service and ask them to temporarily freeze your account or place a cap on the amount you can put into it. Support can also give you the phone numbers and addresses of specialized organizations that aid people with gambling addiction.